Students'  Projects :  

These assignments are based on performance based tasks which enable the students to demonstrate their ability to use knowledge, skills and work habits in a meaningful activities.
The students are required to produce a variety of products like; writing a letter and writing a myth .They are exposed to different sources of information before they hand in their work. They are also provided with specific guidelines for their writing assignments. Each task has a checklist which gives them the criteria for their work. There is an assessment page for each task which can be seen on the school web site. The students are asked to upload the page before they hand in their work to make sure they know how their work is going to be evaluated. The final outcome has to be typed aesthetically and to be handed in on time.
The students are highly recommended to use visual aids.

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Writing a Myth
An Israeli Hero
Israel-60 years
Save Our Planet
Poems about Love
Newspaper Article about Crime
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